Reawakened Book Two Free this Weekend

To celebrate the publication of Renewedthe final chapter in the Reborn Trilogy, this weekend you can pick up a copy of Reawakened, Book Two absolutely free.


5 out of 5 stars “A highly recommended fantastic read.”

5 out of 5 stars “Hope there’s many more to come!”

5 out of 5 stars “Second book in the series and again I was gripped from the start”

4.5 out of 5 stars “An engaging young adult supernatural romance.”



Renewed, the Final Chapter

I know many of you have been waiting for the final book in the Reborn Trilogy, and since its release this morning, I’m excited to see so many people have already snapped up a copy. If you’ve been following Abbie’s story, here’s where you finally find out what everything was leading up to.

Available on Amazon, you can download straight to your Kindle or reader, or you can purchase the paperback for delivery.

US customers can find Renewed on, and UK customers can find it on . It’s also available throughout Amazon worldwide, so take a look at my author page to find yours. Happy reading!

It All Depends Where You Stop Your Story

Do you like stories that end all wrapped up with a ‘happily ever after’, or do you prefer a little left to the imagination?

Most people want to see the characters they’ve invested their time reading about to finish on a high, nothing left unsaid, their lives happily wrapped up with a metaphorical bow on top.

I have recently finished the third and final book in the Reborn Trilogy, and it wasn’t without a sense of loss. Everything ties together nicely, although there are a fair few twists, turns and surprises along the way, but as I wrote the final words I felt like I was losing touch with close friends. I’ve come to know everything about these characters, who came to life on the blank pages of a manuscript, and evolved over the course of three books and more than 1000 pages. The time I spent telling their stories, before I went to bed, on my lunch break at work, long into the night at the weekend, all of these moments resemble grabbing a coffee with friends, or meeting mates for a beer in the pub, or just catching up over a quick lunch.

Even though these are fictional characters, there’s a certain sense of loss I think most authors feel when they put pen to paper in their story for the last time, whether it’s a series or a standalone novel. I hope the characters in the Reborn Trilogy are as real to my readers as they are to me, despite their paranormal existence.

Although I have plans for a future spin-off series, I’m currently working on a very different paranormal novel, based on real events, and though the characters are still fictional, they loosely relate to the very real people who lived through the bizarre and inexplicable occurrences that are the basis of the book. I wonder if knowing these people in real life will make a difference to how I feel when I finish this book…I’ll let you know when I get there.

Hidden Shadows is due for release in the autumn, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s less fantasy-based than the Reborn Trilogy, and perhaps aimed at a slightly older audience. My daughters loved Reborn, Reawakened, and Renewed, (yes, they got a sneak read of the final book in the trilogy!) but I don’t think I’ll let them read Hidden Shadows until they’re a little older.

When Life is Stranger than Fiction

There are times in life when everything is weirder than the strangest novel you’ve ever had. As authors, we’re used to writing beyond everyday life, and often we use writing as a way to add spice to the oftentimes mundane events of day-to-day living. So what happens when life itself is more eventful than your stories?

This has been the case for me the last couple of weeks, and to be honest, I’ve considered writing a book about the twists and turns life has thrown at me, except I think it would be too unbelievable! I feel like I’m in the middle of a cheesy plot that no-one would even take seriously.

So, for once, I’m stepping outside the author’s comfort zone. I’m not writing to add spice or variety, I’m writing to add a bit of normality! The final book in the Reborn Trilogy is ready to be published, and despite being a paranormal romance, it’s more believable at the moment than anything happening in real life.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mary Ann Evans was one of the leading English novelists of the 19th century, writing under the pen name George Eliot to ensure her novels were taken seriously in an era when female writers were most commonly known for romance novels.

Eliot was only 16 years old when her beloved mother died, and one of her most famous quotes says simply, “Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

Today is Mother’s Day across much of the world, a day when we celebrate the woman who raised us, the one who comforted us through scraped knees as children, and heartache as adults. The person who scolded us when we were naughty, and beamed with pride through every one of our successes.

There are thousands of words that have, and can be spoken about mothers, but when it comes down to it, she’s your mother, and you know best what she means to you.

If, like me, you’re lucky enough to be a mum yourself, enjoy today, spend it with your children if you can, and let them spoil and pamper you any way they choose.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous women out there raising future generations of mankind.

Do you see what I see?

Isn’t it the same for everyone? Even the most skeptical amongst us has been known to hesitate, if only for a second, at an unexpected sound in the middle of the night, or that sudden shivering awareness that someone’s watching you.

The paranormal, by its very definition, is an event or occurrence that’s beyond the scope of scientific explanation, and today is Paranormal Day – an opportunity to throw away your skepticism, open up your mind, and admit that there are at least some things that just can’t be explained.

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a big believer in all things paranormal, and I have a certain fascination for angels in particular. Not of the biblical, harp-playing kind, but more a companion through life that watches out for us, occasionally messes up, and is there to provide some comfort when they do.

The Reborn Trilogy is based on these phenomena; angels who are just like everyday people with a bit of sass and attitude thrown in for good measure. So, if you’re looking for something to do to celebrate Paranormal Day (other than watching movies like The Omen), grab a copy of Reborn for just $1.99, and Book Two, Reawakened, which is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Stories in the Stars

Stargazing. We’ve all done it, looked up at a cloudless night sky, picking out various constellations, wondering how many of the twinkling dots on that black canvas are still even there. A starry sky is, in reality, a glimpse into our galaxy’s past, with many millions of years passing between that star first shining and its light reaching our view.

Today is International Astronomy Day, and it’s celebrated twice a year, once in Spring and again in Autumn.

Humans are fascinated by space, and all its hidden potential. Just look at the success of blockbuster movies like Space Odyssey, The Martian, Gravity, and of course, the whole Star Wars franchise.

Authors also love to set their stories in space, with novels like Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy standing the test of time in literary terms.

But even if your novels aren’t set in space itself, chances are somewhere in your story is an idea that came to you when you were lost in thought, staring up at the night sky. In fact, the celestial sky is a prominent scene in my upcoming novel, Renewed, Book Three in the Reborn Trilogy, and set for release this summer.

So tonight, I wish you all clear skies so that you can step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for just a few minutes, and marvel at how tiny we really are.

The Sleeping Dragon Inside Every English Heart

April 23rd is St. George’s Day, a day to celebrate the patron saint of England. St. George is best known for his slaying of the dragon on a Berkshire hilltop, and it is said the grass never grows where the dragon’s blood flowed.

St. George became the Patron Saint of England when King Edward III formed the Order of the Garter in St. George’s name in 1350, and Shakespeare later immortalized him in his play, Henry V, with the title character’s pre-battle speech including the infamous line, “Cry God for Harry, England and St. George!”

Even though I now live in the US, I am proud to be English, and proud to recognize St. George’s cross, especially today. As an author, I also love the many masterful words written over the centuries recognizing St. George, and England. From Shakespeare, who shares both his date of birth and date of death with St. George’s Day, to William Blake’s Jerusalem, England’s unofficial anthem, to Wordsworth’s Daffodils. The list of literary genius is endless, but I’m finishing with these words of Brian Patten’s True Dragon.

Let’s celebrate St George’s Day,
The dragon in repose,
The brilliant lark ascending,
The yew, the oak, the rose.


Our Beautiful Earth

Just in case you missed it, today is Earth Day, a global recognition of the planet we call home, a reminder of how we’ve not treated it as well as we could have, and ideas for the future to ensure it stays home for generations to come.

The picture attached is a sunrise over North America taken from space. Quite simply, breathtaking.

Most of us associate NASA with exploring new worlds, planets within our solar system, and all things space-related, but all those satellites out there are also keeping an eye on earth. As a nurse, my patient’s vital signs are an imperative part of my day, but what about the earth’s vitals? If you’re interested, NASA’s Vital Signs of the Planet is a great place to see just how our home is progressing, the effects of climate change, and various other interesting facts about our planet’s health. These ‘vital signs’ were taken at 3pm Pacific time yesterday.


As authors, we are all in the position to spread the word about the Earth, and how humanity has not only damaged it, but can make changes to help heal it, or at least prevent any further damage. No matter what your writing genre, a simple random comment by a character, or a description of a place on earth, or even a memory from 50 years ago can keep our planet’s health in people’s minds every day, not just on Earth Day.


Tea, Biscuits, and a Good Book

Today is National Tea Day back home in the UK. Like my fellow Englishmen, I love tea. 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day in Britain, which roughly equates to one cup of tea every day for every person in Britain. In the US, more than 80% of tea is iced tea, often of the flavored or bottled variety, but the hot cuppa is seeing an increase thanks to its many health benefits, and now approximately half a cup of hot tea per person is drunk daily in the US.

Of course, I’ll take any excuse to enjoy a cuppa, and as it’s National Tea Day…well, as Rupert Brooke states in his Poem, The Soldier, there really is “some corner of a foreign field that is forever England.” That corner is right here in sunny California, enjoying a fresh cuppa, some chocolate biscuits, and a paperback book.

Happy National Tea Day to all my fellow Brits, both home and abroad!