Reawakened Book Two Free this Weekend

To celebrate the publication of Renewedthe final chapter in the Reborn Trilogy, this weekend you can pick up a copy of Reawakened, Book Two absolutely free.


5 out of 5 stars “A highly recommended fantastic read.”

5 out of 5 stars “Hope there’s many more to come!”

5 out of 5 stars “Second book in the series and again I was gripped from the start”

4.5 out of 5 stars “An engaging young adult supernatural romance.”



It All Depends Where You Stop Your Story

Do you like stories that end all wrapped up with a ‘happily ever after’, or do you prefer a little left to the imagination?

Most people want to see the characters they’ve invested their time reading about to finish on a high, nothing left unsaid, their lives happily wrapped up with a metaphorical bow on top.

I have recently finished the third and final book in the Reborn Trilogy, and it wasn’t without a sense of loss. Everything ties together nicely, although there are a fair few twists, turns and surprises along the way, but as I wrote the final words I felt like I was losing touch with close friends. I’ve come to know everything about these characters, who came to life on the blank pages of a manuscript, and evolved over the course of three books and more than 1000 pages. The time I spent telling their stories, before I went to bed, on my lunch break at work, long into the night at the weekend, all of these moments resemble grabbing a coffee with friends, or meeting mates for a beer in the pub, or just catching up over a quick lunch.

Even though these are fictional characters, there’s a certain sense of loss I think most authors feel when they put pen to paper in their story for the last time, whether it’s a series or a standalone novel. I hope the characters in the Reborn Trilogy are as real to my readers as they are to me, despite their paranormal existence.

Although I have plans for a future spin-off series, I’m currently working on a very different paranormal novel, based on real events, and though the characters are still fictional, they loosely relate to the very real people who lived through the bizarre and inexplicable occurrences that are the basis of the book. I wonder if knowing these people in real life will make a difference to how I feel when I finish this book…I’ll let you know when I get there.

Hidden Shadows is due for release in the autumn, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s less fantasy-based than the Reborn Trilogy, and perhaps aimed at a slightly older audience. My daughters loved Reborn, Reawakened, and Renewed, (yes, they got a sneak read of the final book in the trilogy!) but I don’t think I’ll let them read Hidden Shadows until they’re a little older.

Do you see what I see?

Isn’t it the same for everyone? Even the most skeptical amongst us has been known to hesitate, if only for a second, at an unexpected sound in the middle of the night, or that sudden shivering awareness that someone’s watching you.

The paranormal, by its very definition, is an event or occurrence that’s beyond the scope of scientific explanation, and today is Paranormal Day – an opportunity to throw away your skepticism, open up your mind, and admit that there are at least some things that just can’t be explained.

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a big believer in all things paranormal, and I have a certain fascination for angels in particular. Not of the biblical, harp-playing kind, but more a companion through life that watches out for us, occasionally messes up, and is there to provide some comfort when they do.

The Reborn Trilogy is based on these phenomena; angels who are just like everyday people with a bit of sass and attitude thrown in for good measure. So, if you’re looking for something to do to celebrate Paranormal Day (other than watching movies like The Omen), grab a copy of Reborn for just $1.99, and Book Two, Reawakened, which is free on Kindle Unlimited.

420 – Just Chill

April 20th. 4/20. This isn’t a post about the rights and wrongs of marijuana legislation. It’s a post about societal evolution. Well, sort of. The facts are, today is a celebration of all things marijuana-related and therefore, by its very nature, all things chill.

A few years ago, I had no idea what 420 even meant, let alone that it could be a celebratory day. I was a mother of five young kids. But guess what? Those kids are growing up, and now, as a responsible mother, I need to be aware of everything that impacts their lives, and like it or not, pot is one of those things.

Back in my day (yeah, I know, makes me sound old) marijuana was supposedly a gateway drug, leading my generation down the slippery slope of hard drug addiction. Despite this, most of my generation smoked recreationally, and yet here we are, all grown up with kids and responsibilities of our own. The thing is, more and more States are making marijuana legal, and that’s the evolution of society. I’ll keep most of my opinions to myself, but personally, I prefer the laid-back chill of the pot smoker to the aggressive delusion of the person who’s drunk too much.

And, as I like to link most of my posts to my book trilogy (a young adult paranormal romance with angels who, like the youth of every generation, have enough attitude to make them likeable because they’re less than angelic) here’s a fun video from Totino’s featuring a 420 angel.

So whatever you’re doing today, just be sure to make it a chill one!

Get Your Free Copy of Reawakened (Reborn Trilogy Book Two)

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, why not relax this weekend with a free copy of Reawakened, Book Two in the Reborn Trilogy? For 24 hours on Good Friday, you can download it from Amazon absolutely free.

Books are great, free books are even better, and if you like paranormal romance, this is a perfect read for a relaxed few hours over the weekend.

If you haven’t yet read Reborn, Book One in the trilogy, click the link to download it on Amazon too.

Book Review: Twin Souls Series Books One and Two

Book One: Lilith

Annette Anderson sees the Hellworlds, and demon souls, driving her into a world of sin and sex, attracting the unwanted attention of the Underground. She endures months of torture until her body becomes the host to the She-demon, Lilith, who unsuccessfully attempts to drive out her human soul, leaving the two souls, one human, one demon, to reside together on a shaky truce.

When London becomes victim to a spate of grisly murders, and one of Annie’s students disappears, the twin souls must work together with the attractive detective Michael Daltry, and Rowan, a demon ordered to protect them, to solve the murders before Hell is unleashed on earth.

Book Two: Fateless

The second in the Twin Soul series picks up where the first finishes, with Annie trying to help Calum adjust to his newly acquired demon twin soul.

A new spate of murders haunts the City of London, and as Annette turns to friends old and new, human and demon, to help find what evil power is responsible for the unusual murders, she is forced to face her tortuous past, and the sadistic demons that were a part of it. 

Detective Dalton is also unwittingly dragged into the demonic realm, releasing his own unknown secret, while Rowan stands as a powerful protector against the evil forces working to destroy both Annie and Lilith.

The first two books in the Twin Soul series are a fascinating journey into the world of demons and evil, and I must admit, they are some of the best reads I’ve come across in a long time.

Victoria Limbert is a powerful writer, with a talent for drawing the reader into a realm we don’t want to be in, but don’t want to leave either. The first chapter is a little confusing, but as the book progresses, the confusion clears and the reader is taken on an often dark  journey full of thrills and suspense, and littered with lust, sex, and love.

The characters are strong, realistic, complex, and not always nice, yet Ms. Limbert keeps the reader wanting to know more about their journey, both as individuals, and as part of the often complex relationship linking them all.

I would recommend these adult fast-paced, intriguing novels to anyone who likes supernatural and paranormal suspense, and I sincerely hope the author will write another in the series to conclude the story from where it left off in Book Two.

Lilith and Fateless  are both available on Amazon.

Book Review: Obsession by Liz Bower

When love becomes an obsession how far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Jo Waters finally has her life back on track. Since her boyfriend cheated on her romantic entanglements aren’t on her priority list. That doesn’t mean she can’t look. Right? Especially when it comes to her sexy new colleague Dan.

But when Dan becomes the scapegoat for something he isn’t responsible for, she ends up in a whole lot of trouble trying to defend him. When confronted by her boss about her uncharacteristic behaviour, Jo panics, and lies. Unfortunately, it’s a lie that sets off an unstoppable chain of events including the need to find a man she can pass off as her boyfriend. And it is the most unlikely of men who her best friend offers as a solution – her brother, Marco. Which would be fine except Marco is annoying and far too full of himself, and has been the bane of her life since high school.

But when her life gets thrown off track again, it turns out that Marco is the least of her problems. Someone is making violent threats towards those close to her. And to make matters worse Jo’s boss thinks she is the obvious suspect.

As the threats become increasingly more disturbing and widespread, just how far will Jo have to go to protect the one she loves?

**Due to profanity, adult themes and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Ms. Bower’s relaxed style of writing makes this romantic suspense an easy read that’s hard to put down.

Primarily a romance with just the right amount of anticipatory sex, the story involves Jo, a woman sworn off men after dumping her cheating boyfriend, but still with a healthy attraction to the opposite sex, especially Dan, the new guy at work.

The author writes mainly from Jo’s perspective, and the authenticity of her feelings will resonate with any woman who has secretly admired a good-looking man from afar, knowing they were way out of their league.

The blossoming romance is one the reader wants to see happen, and can’t help but cheer it on, and while the suspense running consistently through the story isn’t dominant, it keeps the reader guessing.

Like most romances, the storyline is a little predictable, but the writing keeps the book entertaining throughout. Despite the author age warning due to profanity and sexual content, the book isn’t overly graphic, and while I probably wouldn’t recommend it to my grandmother, it’s certainly worth a read for anyone who enjoys a little steamy writing.

Obsession by Liz Bower is available on Amazon.


Book Review: Moobala Schmoobala by M.G. Wells

Moobala Schmoobala is a big-hearted, fun-loving alien from the planet Googala. He and his best friend, Boobala, visit Earth and have tons of fun traveling the globe meeting lots of new friends along the way. An artful, educational children’s rhyming picture book designed for children K-3.

I read this book with a friend’s five year old son, to include a true opinion from a child, as well as my own.

My little co-reader was interested in the book from the start, thanks to the bright, colorful pictures that immediately grabbed his attention. The rhyming title of the book was also a great attraction, and he loved saying “Moobala Schmoobala” repetitively.

We read the book on my Kindle, and today’s five year olds are incredibly tech savvy, which proved to be a slight problem as after a few pages, he really wanted to look at the pictures more than listen to the rhyming story, and could turn the page with just a finger. However, Ms. Wells provides enough detail in her beautiful illustrations to allow plenty of adult-child discussion about what is happening.

As an adult, I loved the illustrations, and I liked that the book is educational, sharing geographical information along with the animal kingdom, so children can learn where different animals are found around the world. I also really liked the little glossary of animals at the end of the book, split into real animals and imaginary ones.

If I was to find any complaint it would be that some rhymes needed to be read with an American accent, which might be a little disconcerting for Europeans. For example, ‘city’, ‘pretty’, and ‘giddy’ don’t rhyme in an English accent. However, the rhymes are short, sweet, and educational, and I don’t think K-3rd grade would even notice the dialects!

Moobala Schmoobala is available at Amazon




Read an E-book Week: Reborn Trilogy

This week is Read an E-book Week, encouraging people to take some time out and enjoy a digital book or two.

It also (quite coincidentally) coincides with the launch of Reawakened, the highly anticipated Book 2 in the Reborn Trilogy. If you haven’t read the first book, it’s on special offer on Amazon at just $0.99 – less than the price of a cup of coffee (or tea!) – and well worth downloading to take part in this fun week!

Eagerly anticipating the next book!” – Fiona

Waiting with great anticipation for the next in the series. It’s an absolute must for anyone teen to adult!” – Tasha

Such a great read – kept me turning the pages right from the start.” – WTP

More reviews available at Amazon. Happy reading!



Book Review: Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke

Living in the mountains of Sicily, Maria has the perfect childhood until the fateful day of her First Communion, when her life changes forever. The events that follow will take her away from her home town to the streets of Milan. Will she ever be able to trust anyone ever again? Set in turbulent 1960s Italy, Walls of Silence is the story of a girl who must find the courage and strength to survive her family’s betrayal and the prejudices of her country.

Walls of Silence is the debut novel by screenplay translator Helen Pryke. It’s set in Italy in the 1960s, and deals with the difficult topic of violence against women in a frank, often raw manner.

The book is written retrospectively from the main character, Maria’s perspective. An idyllic childhood becomes a nightmare leading to a cascade of traumatic circumstances.

From the beginning, Ms. Pryke beautifully describes 1960s Italy, making the small village and large towns equally alive so that the reader can easily get lost in the settings. More noticeably, however, the author draws the reader into Maria’s reality with excellent character development, and vivid descriptions of events that guide her story. So much so that there are parts that are quite difficult to read, and if you’re looking for a feel-good book, this isn’t it.

Although the story is primarily Maria’s story, the author cleverly introduces a side-storyline which allows the book to have a lighter tone, and while it felt a little unrealistic compared to the harsh reality of Maria’s circumstances, it thankfully serves to leave the reader hopeful rather than despaired.

Ms. Pryke’s writing style makes Walls of Silence easy to read, even if the subject matter is difficult, and I would recommend this book to anyone willing to take an honest look behind the ‘walls of silence’ built up by women who are caught in a violent situation.

Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke is available on Amazon, and the author is donating part of sale proceeds to a woman’s shelter in the UK.