When Life is Stranger than Fiction

There are times in life when everything is weirder than the strangest novel you’ve ever had. As authors, we’re used to writing beyond everyday life, and often we use writing as a way to add spice to the oftentimes mundane events of day-to-day living. So what happens when life itself is more eventful than your stories?

This has been the case for me the last couple of weeks, and to be honest, I’ve considered writing a book about the twists and turns life has thrown at me, except I think it would be too unbelievable! I feel like I’m in the middle of a cheesy plot that no-one would even take seriously.

So, for once, I’m stepping outside the author’s comfort zone. I’m not writing to add spice or variety, I’m writing to add a bit of normality! The final book in the Reborn Trilogy is ready to be published, and despite being a paranormal romance, it’s more believable at the moment than anything happening in real life.


4 thoughts on “When Life is Stranger than Fiction

  1. Congratulations on reaching the point of publication for your final book in the Reborn trilogy!

    Also, I can share in your sense of surrealism. Life has felt unusual, dream like, and swift for me as well as of late. Fortunately, it has been in ways that are positive!


  2. Congratulations! Hoping to find some downtime myself to get caught up with your series, I so loved the first book! Sounds like your schedule/life is about as nutty as mine…hang in there! Loved the post!


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