Our Beautiful Earth

Just in case you missed it, today is Earth Day, a global recognition of the planet we call home, a reminder of how we’ve not treated it as well as we could have, and ideas for the future to ensure it stays home for generations to come.

The picture attached is a sunrise over North America taken from space. Quite simply, breathtaking.

Most of us associate NASA with exploring new worlds, planets within our solar system, and all things space-related, but all those satellites out there are also keeping an eye on earth. As a nurse, my patient’s vital signs are an imperative part of my day, but what about the earth’s vitals? If you’re interested, NASA’s Vital Signs of the Planet is a great place to see just how our home is progressing, the effects of climate change, and various other interesting facts about our planet’s health. These ‘vital signs’ were taken at 3pm Pacific time yesterday.


As authors, we are all in the position to spread the word about the Earth, and how humanity has not only damaged it, but can make changes to help heal it, or at least prevent any further damage. No matter what your writing genre, a simple random comment by a character, or a description of a place on earth, or even a memory from 50 years ago can keep our planet’s health in people’s minds every day, not just on Earth Day.



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