420 – Just Chill

April 20th. 4/20. This isn’t a post about the rights and wrongs of marijuana legislation. It’s a post about societal evolution. Well, sort of. The facts are, today is a celebration of all things marijuana-related and therefore, by its very nature, all things chill.

A few years ago, I had no idea what 420 even meant, let alone that it could be a celebratory day. I was a mother of five young kids. But guess what? Those kids are growing up, and now, as a responsible mother, I need to be aware of everything that impacts their lives, and like it or not, pot is one of those things.

Back in my day (yeah, I know, makes me sound old) marijuana was supposedly a gateway drug, leading my generation down the slippery slope of hard drug addiction. Despite this, most of my generation smoked recreationally, and yet here we are, all grown up with kids and responsibilities of our own. The thing is, more and more States are making marijuana legal, and that’s the evolution of society. I’ll keep most of my opinions to myself, but personally, I prefer the laid-back chill of the pot smoker to the aggressive delusion of the person who’s drunk too much.

And, as I like to link most of my posts to my book trilogy (a young adult paranormal romance with angels who, like the youth of every generation, have enough attitude to make them likeable because they’re less than angelic) here’s a fun video from Totino’s featuring a 420 angel.

So whatever you’re doing today, just be sure to make it a chill one!


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