Eggs, Bunnies or Lamb

It’s Easter Sunday, and that means different things to different people. For some it’s chocolate or colored eggs, to others it’s the Easter Bunny, and to many it’s the Lamb of God, and the Resurrection.

No matter your religion or beliefs, Easter boils down to rebirth, renewal, and starting over. In the Christian calendar, Easter Sunday celebrates the day Jesus rose from the tomb where He’d been laid after His crucifixion at Calgary. Over more recent years, it became traditional to give hollow chocolate or colored eggs at Easter. The empty eggs represented the empty tomb, and allow for a celebration of the end of Lent. The rabbit is a symbol of fertility, and its use at Easter is thought to stem from old pagan rituals which were performed to boost fertility and rebirth.

So to everyone celebrating this Easter, regardless of your beliefs, your religion, your race or color, Happy Easter, and enjoy this time of renewed hope, health, and beginnings.


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