Book Review: Obsession by Liz Bower

When love becomes an obsession how far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Jo Waters finally has her life back on track. Since her boyfriend cheated on her romantic entanglements aren’t on her priority list. That doesn’t mean she can’t look. Right? Especially when it comes to her sexy new colleague Dan.

But when Dan becomes the scapegoat for something he isn’t responsible for, she ends up in a whole lot of trouble trying to defend him. When confronted by her boss about her uncharacteristic behaviour, Jo panics, and lies. Unfortunately, it’s a lie that sets off an unstoppable chain of events including the need to find a man she can pass off as her boyfriend. And it is the most unlikely of men who her best friend offers as a solution – her brother, Marco. Which would be fine except Marco is annoying and far too full of himself, and has been the bane of her life since high school.

But when her life gets thrown off track again, it turns out that Marco is the least of her problems. Someone is making violent threats towards those close to her. And to make matters worse Jo’s boss thinks she is the obvious suspect.

As the threats become increasingly more disturbing and widespread, just how far will Jo have to go to protect the one she loves?

**Due to profanity, adult themes and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Ms. Bower’s relaxed style of writing makes this romantic suspense an easy read that’s hard to put down.

Primarily a romance with just the right amount of anticipatory sex, the story involves Jo, a woman sworn off men after dumping her cheating boyfriend, but still with a healthy attraction to the opposite sex, especially Dan, the new guy at work.

The author writes mainly from Jo’s perspective, and the authenticity of her feelings will resonate with any woman who has secretly admired a good-looking man from afar, knowing they were way out of their league.

The blossoming romance is one the reader wants to see happen, and can’t help but cheer it on, and while the suspense running consistently through the story isn’t dominant, it keeps the reader guessing.

Like most romances, the storyline is a little predictable, but the writing keeps the book entertaining throughout. Despite the author age warning due to profanity and sexual content, the book isn’t overly graphic, and while I probably wouldn’t recommend it to my grandmother, it’s certainly worth a read for anyone who enjoys a little steamy writing.

Obsession by Liz Bower is available on Amazon.



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