Writers and Caffeine

The internet is a fascinating place. Whether you’re working, researching, or killing time watching cat videos (yes, we all do it!) the internet is an exponential minefield of information. Thirty years ago the internet was like sci-fi to most people, but today most books written make some reference to computers, or websites, or even  Google. As Harper says in the Reborn Trilogy, “Do you have any idea how easy it is to find out anything about literally anything these days?” Admittedly, a huge chunk of what’s online isn’t actually true or correct, but access to information is easier these days than ever before.

It was while I was online this morning that I discovered March is Caffeine Awareness Month. My first thought was ‘Fab!’ A whole month dedicated to the creative members of society! As it turns out, International Creativity Month is actually January.

Caffeine Awareness Month is dedicated to making society caffeine free. Yes, you read that correctly. Caffeine is bad for us, and there are some who would ban it altogether. I live firmly by the motto ‘Everything in moderation’, and like most writers, drink probably a bit more caffeine than I should. It’s not just coffee, but tea, sodas, chocolate!

Realistically, I probably make about 10 cups of tea and/or coffee a day. The recommended maximum amount for an adult is five cups, but any writer can relate to the abandoned, untouched cold cup of forgotten coffee, or even tea (sacrilegious, I know). When you get into a writing flow, you forget everything else. So, maybe I do actually limit my caffeine consumption to the recommended daily amount. The thing is, caffeine is a stimulant. Most writers, and other creative people work into the late hours, usually their only company being that slowly cooling cup of tea or coffee.

Writing and caffeine go hand in hand, and while I appreciate that it mightn’t be the healthiest of habits, I couldn’t imagine a world without caffeine being a better place than the world with it. Like I said, everything in moderation!


Reborn is Book One in the Reborn Trilogy, and available on Amazon. The widely anticipated Book Two, Reawakened has just been released and is also available in digital and paperback format at Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Writers and Caffeine

  1. I remember a while back seeing a video that said that, overall, coffee is good for you, generally a net benefit. But, of course, as you say, moderation.

    I only drink about a cup or two a day, so I think I’m pretty good on moderation. If I drank ten cups a day, I’d probably be able to get a job at the hardware store mixing cans of paint just by holding them.


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