Book Review: Moobala Schmoobala by M.G. Wells

Moobala Schmoobala is a big-hearted, fun-loving alien from the planet Googala. He and his best friend, Boobala, visit Earth and have tons of fun traveling the globe meeting lots of new friends along the way. An artful, educational children’s rhyming picture book designed for children K-3.

I read this book with a friend’s five year old son, to include a true opinion from a child, as well as my own.

My little co-reader was interested in the book from the start, thanks to the bright, colorful pictures that immediately grabbed his attention. The rhyming title of the book was also a great attraction, and he loved saying “Moobala Schmoobala” repetitively.

We read the book on my Kindle, and today’s five year olds are incredibly tech savvy, which proved to be a slight problem as after a few pages, he really wanted to look at the pictures more than listen to the rhyming story, and could turn the page with just a finger. However, Ms. Wells provides enough detail in her beautiful illustrations to allow plenty of adult-child discussion about what is happening.

As an adult, I loved the illustrations, and I liked that the book is educational, sharing geographical information along with the animal kingdom, so children can learn where different animals are found around the world. I also really liked the little glossary of animals at the end of the book, split into real animals and imaginary ones.

If I was to find any complaint it would be that some rhymes needed to be read with an American accent, which might be a little disconcerting for Europeans. For example, ‘city’, ‘pretty’, and ‘giddy’ don’t rhyme in an English accent. However, the rhymes are short, sweet, and educational, and I don’t think K-3rd grade would even notice the dialects!

Moobala Schmoobala is available at Amazon





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