Book Review: The Secret Community by J. Meverington

Terri woke up in a strange place with no idea of who she was or how she got there. The worst thing was, nobody seemed to take her memory loss seriously.
With a stroke of luck, she bumped into Damion, a London bar owner. Thankfully he took her in and was determined to help her. On further investigation, he could not find any evidence of her existence.
Damion became suspicious and dug deeper until he uncovered a sinister secret. But did this have anything to do with Terri’s memory loss? He couldn’t be sure, and worse still, he didn’t know who he could trust.

The Secret Community is a clever, light-thriller debut novel from J. Meverington, that opens with a young woman, Terri, waking up with a terrifying complete amnesia, and then takes the reader through a series of twists and turns to find the answers to who she is, why she’s lost her memory, and what her past is all about.

This book is a light read, and even though it’s not plot heavy, it contains enough mystery and twists to keep the reader guessing and questioning throughout. With a bit of romance thrown alongside the intrigue, suspense, and a healthy dose of the darker side of humanity, this book has something for all readers.

The characters are varied and interesting and, unusually, I found myself liking, and caring about the secondary characters more so than the protagonists. As much as I wanted to like Damion, I found myself more irritated by him, and his excessive ending sentences with ‘hey?’ I also couldn’t like Terri as much as a reader wants to like a protagonist, because her eating habits are so disgusting, and kudos to the author for her use of some incredible descriptive writing to make me feel this way.

Overall, this is a clever story that will grip you from the start, if only to see if you’re guessing correctly. Everything ties up nicely at the end, so I was somewhat curious to see the author is writing a sequel. I’ll definitely be looking out for it to see how this story progresses.

The Secret Community by J. Meverington is available on Amazon


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