Book Review: Juniper by Felicia Leibenguth

A dead Earth, a new planet, and a thousand years into the future, the Human race needs rescuing again…
Exasperated, I turned away from my bedroom window as Earths constant shadow casts the grim reminder. My parents are dead, and at eighteen years old, I have two younger sisters and the entire Human race to protect on my own.
Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted by the familiar vibrations flooding the air around me, and hearing the desperation in my sister Piper’s voice as she screams… “Juniper!” I knew ‘they’ had arrived… Once again, the Dark Lord has sent several of his Lemoyh Warriors to make their attempts at destroying me as I’m a symbol of strength for the Human race and a constant threat. My ability transcends the average Human, and the Dark Lord should have learned by now, I will not surrender myself, my sisters or my people… I will not be the one on the receiving end of the bloodied sword…
NOT today… NOT ever!

Juniper is the debut young adult novel by Felicia Leibenguth. The story is set a thousand years in the future, where the human race are living on a new planet after destroying earth, fighting the alien race, the Lemoyh.

It’s a familiar story, but the author introduces characters that she skillfully develops, so the reader wants to know more about them, where their story starts, and where it’s going.

The plot is fast-paced, with plenty of twists and turns, starting very early on with an event that I wouldn’t have predicted, and the author neatly and effectively concludes the book with a story consistency that is present throughout.

Although I very much enjoyed the story, I was a little disappointed with two author errors that ran throughout the book. The first is some difficulties with tense while telling the story, frequently mixing the present tense and the imperfect tense, often in the same sentence. However, I do understand this is a YA book, and as such may not bother many younger readers, but it would certainly be worth Ms. Leibenguth’s time to correct this, as it distracted from an otherwise very enjoyable book.

The second author error is a mix-up of plurals and possessives, and frequently throughout the book the author placed apostrophes indicating a noun’s possession, when she meant to make a noun plural, and vice versa. Again, this is a simple editing fix that I think would make a huge difference to the overall readability of the novel.

Despite these two factors, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the book. It’s a great debut novel, and I’m confident we’ll be seeing a lot more from this author in the future.

Juniper by Felicia Leibenguth is available now on Amazon.



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