Book Review: Powerful Beyond Measure by Cindy Mazzaferro

Powerful Beyond Measure is a complete transformational guide to living a life of authenticity and abundance that’s deeply rooted in love, acceptance, compassion, and kindness.
Readers learn how to discover and embrace their inner power, release and heal the emotional residue from the past, and envision a future of unbounded possibilities that allows their passions and purpose to be fulfilled.
Through insight, self-exploration, and step- by-step, practical exercises, Powerful Beyond Measure guides readers along the journey of lifelong spiritual growth– empowering them to take control of their destinies and create lives filled with joy, health, happiness, and success.

I’m not a usual self-help book reader, but this one intrigued me, not least because it works on the premise of a ‘soul purpose’ which is what my fictional Reborn Series is all about.

The author’s writing is beautiful; clear, concise, and grammatically correct (which always helps!), you can’t help but read it in your mind’s own quiet, calm voice, because this is how the author writes it.

However, it should be noted that, despite the ‘3 steps’ subtitle, this isn’t a quick fix. You need to set aside plenty of time to work through the book, and to complete the given exercises, if you want to claim your ‘power within’. You should also be prepared to come back to the book often even after you’ve finished it.

With that said, the crux of the book is learning how to break down the protective, albeit wrong, emotional barriers that you’ve built up over your lifetime, freeing your inner peace, love and harmony.

Cindy blends personal experience, growth and learning with scientific facts and explanations, to deliver years of inner healing experience and knowledge for the reader to use for their own empowerment.

I did find the book a little heavy in places, especially where neuroscience is discussed, and admittedly think this may be because, as a Registered Nurse, psychology has always been my least favorite part of medicine. However, even though these concepts are, by their very nature complex, the author skillfully makes them easily understood for the layperson.

There are many exercises throughout the book, and these really should be undertaken if the reader wants to get the full benefit of Cindy’s guidance. A personal favorite of mine is the Heart’s Home of Healing Meditation, a powerfully relaxing, and emotionally healing meditation exercise.

Overall, throughout the book, you are constantly aware of being guided by the author, and even when finished it’s not over as she provides ample ongoing support, and resources to continue your path to empowerment.

For lovers of self-help books, I would have no hesitation recommending this one, and even those who aren’t entirely into this genre will be able to take away some very thought-provoking, mind-opening, and soul-soothing ideas.

Powerful Beyond Measure by Cynthia Mazzaferro is available on Amazon, and Barnes&Noble, or from Cindy’s website.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: Powerful Beyond Measure by Cindy Mazzaferro

  1. Hello, I sent you a comment in your contact. Thank you for your review, please post on Amazon for me. I and potential buyers love to read reviews and so appreciate the stellar (5 star review) that you took the time to write.

    I so appreciate that. xoxoxo Cindy


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