I First Noticed I Was Old When…

Twitter’s # You’re It this week is in part very funny (reading through them has had me laughing as I nod in agreement), and in part extremely depressing.

Yes, I know getting older is a badge of honor that we need to wear with pride, aging gracefully and all that, but if someone could wave a magic wand and bring me back to my teenage years in the golden (that’s one of those ‘old’ words) days of the eighties, I’d probably jump at the chance.

I tease my kids, reminding them that I might be more than twice their age at the moment, but in a few years I’ll be less than half their age, which means they’re getting older faster than I am. If nothing else, it makes them think a while.

But, truth be told, that’s my big ‘getting older’ moment. It’s not the grey hairs (the red hair I hated growing up has thankfully stayed grey-free!), it’s not the wrinkles (yes, wrinkles, they’re not laugh-lines, or experience lines, they’re wrinkles!), and it’s not the absentmindedness, or the pinching joints in the morning. My moment came when I realized my first born is nearly the same age that I was when I had him. And I wasn’t a ‘young mum’ either. So how the heck did that happen so quickly?

One of my favorite quotes is often attributed to The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, but more correctly comes from Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. If I’m ever feeling my age (and trust me, with five kids I frequently remember I’m not getting any younger) I remind myself that ‘we are travelers on a cosmic journey, and this moment is just a little parenthesis in eternity’.



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