Pets – When Love is Truly Unconditional

I am a pet lover, which you’d probably be able to guess considering I have so many of them (two indulgent cats, three crazy dogs, and four beautiful horses!)

I provide them with food, warmth, exercise, and lots of kids to fuss over them. In return, I am rewarded with unconditional love. That’s the thing about animals. They don’t care if you’re beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, fat or thin, or just somewhere in-between. If you treat them right, you get their love. It’s that simple.

The picture attached to this post is me with Destiny, my daughter’s beautiful Morgan mare. She’s one of the sweetest animals ever, and you just can’t help but love her.

Today is National Love Your Pet Day – I know you don’t need a day to remind you; if you have a pet, you love a pet. But it doesn’t hurt to remember once in a while just how much joy they bring to your life!


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