Easy Like Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings, and much prefer The Commodores use of the word ‘Easy’ for what could probably read ‘Lazy’. I spend my Sunday mornings relaxed, pyjama-clad, and drinking coffee. There’s no tearing out the door on various school runs, no rush-signing this week’s selection of school forms, no turning around half way down the street to retrieve a forgotten lunch, or piece of homework.

Sundays are lazy…easy…both.

When Lionel Richie penned Easy  in the 1970s, it was a time when shops and stores actually closed for the day. A time when cordless phones were just being patented, and cell phones were a futuristic fantasy. As for the internet, and online shopping – think Sci-Fi movies!

Of course, now technology can make easy Sunday mornings less ‘easy’ and more like every other day of the week.

In my household, computers and cells are ‘banned’ at the table, including the Sunday morning breakfast table. We were given Sundays to rest and relax, enjoy family and coffee, breakfast in bed, going to church, or walking with nature, or sailing on the ocean. We all have our personal soul soothers, and Sundays are the time to indulge them.


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