Book Review: I’ve Never Smoked Pot D.J. Edmonds

Never smoked pot?

Get some lighthearted guidance as a woman who never thought she would smoke pot shares her journey and offers advice for newbies just like her. This is a fun and practical guide for those of us just venturing out into the brave new world of weed.

Perfect for people wanting to visit a pot shop but would like to know what to expect first, or for those who haven’t smoked in 30 years and want to know what has changed.

A book entitled ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis’ is not something you’d have seen in book stores 20 years ago, or even five years ago, but with so many states across the US now legalizing marijuana for personal use, it’s almost a must-have.

The book is written in part like a diary, detailing the author’s experience allowing curiosity to overcome ingrained beliefs to delve into the truth behind this now-legal substance. She asks all the serious questions anyone might want to know about buying and using cannabis, (How would I know what to order?) and some humorous gems you mightn’t think of (Do they have light versions for beginners?)

Mixed with the first person narrative is the more fact-based part of the book. All the questions the author asks, she researches and finds the answers to, and shares them with the reader.

With extra space to write your own notes, the end result is an easy-to-read, often funny, very informative book that I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who is considering the virtues of cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, or for parents of teens and college students who just want to be knowledgeable about the topic for when they need to speak to their kids about it.

This book is part of The Cannabis Collection Series. The other title currently available is: “My Cannabis Collection: Strains Review Journal.”

I’ve Never Smoked Pot by D. J. Edmonds is available now at Amazon.


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