Book Review: Soul Mark C.L Fennell

“Be the light in the darkness.”

Andi never wanted to be different. She didn’t want to feel other people’s emotions. She didn’t want to dream about serial killers. And she sure didn’t want to be in involved in some type of exorcism.
Any chance she had at pretending to be normal vanished the moment she was forced to accept the truth about herself, her world and the people in it.
And when someone she loves is taken, she will have to come face to face with the original monsters- the Fallen.

Soul Mark is the first in the series of the same name, and introduces the reader to Andi, a protagonist with a past seeped in mystery, and a turbulent present.

Written for a young adult audience, the angst of the young characters is very real, and can, therefore, be uncomfortable at times, because we’ve all been there to some extent.

The plot follows Andi, accompanying her in the present, while alluding to her past, and hinting at her future. When the characters are introduced and developed, there’s a feel of a love triangle brewing, and as the book progresses, drawing you further into the mystery and intrigue of this paranormal world, I found my allegiances switching between the involved characters.

C. L Fennell’s writing style is young, modern, and at times emotionally raw, which allows her to effectively express her characters’ deeper emotions. She intersperses this with more factual writing, introducing the reader to the world of angels and demons, and while this information is essential for the progression of both this book, and the future storyline, I would have liked to have seen it broken up a bit more, as it is a lot of information for the reader to absorb.

Without giving away the plot or the ending, the book does leave you with more questions than it answers, and I’m looking forward to seeing them revisited in the next installment.

As the author of the Reborn Trilogy, a paranormal story about angels and demons, I was intrigued to see how C. L. Fennell approached this same genre, and was pleasantly surprised at her different approach to a phenomenon that’s as old as the stars themselves. More astute readers may notice a few editing typos, but these in no way detract from the story overall, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the author takes Andi, and her story.


Soul Mark by C.L.Fennell is available now on Amazon.


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