Writing through the Window

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of quotes about writing, but this is one of my favorites because I’m quite sure all writers can relate to it. I also think it’s a quote that teachers should pay attention to.

At school, staring out of the window is something of a ‘concern’ – it’s easy to label a child as ‘easily distracted’ or ‘not focused’. As writers, it’s not only normal to gaze through the panes, but it’s almost part of the job description.

For decades, kitchen sinks have been placed beneath a window, because before most households owned dishwashers, people would stand staring out the window while up to their elbows in a bowl of soapy water.

On long car rides, we watch the world passing by through the window. Even on aeroplanes, people choose to look out the tiny windows at the barely changing clouds below.

When my son was in 6th Grade, his teacher exasperatedly told me that she frequently had to draw his attention back to the lesson because he was always staring out of the window. He’s a straight-A student, he’s never been in trouble, and he’s polite and respectful.

So if a child is staring out the window, is it really a ‘focus’ problem, or is it just what we, as living humans with thinking brains, naturally do?


6 thoughts on “Writing through the Window

  1. I say that gazing out of windows is exactly what all authors need to jumpstart their creative muse. Much like taking a walk or jogging or walking one’s pet, just being connected with the outside world is a breath of (both literal and figurative) fresh air. I wish I had a window over my sink, but my bedroom windows work just fine!


      1. Right on! Would you consider yourself an active person? If so, what kind of exercises do you squeeze in with a hectic schedule to keep your body and mind more engaged? And yes, chasing around your five kiddos does count! Haha.


      2. Haha, I’m not so sure it counts as much now that they’re older, but I am pretty active considering there are only 24 hours in a day. Like a lot of writers, I’m not big on schedules…most of my actual recognizable activity comes from walking my aussie shepherd

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      3. That’s great to hear! I wasn’t big on schedules myself either, but as of this year I’ve started to jot my daily writing tasks on my calendar to keep focus and stay consistent. And how nice, aussie shepherd must help you stay on your feet!


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