Mondays are socks

Mondays get a bad rap, most of which, if we’re honest, is well deserved.

It starts some time during the afternoon on a Sunday, insipidly hanging around, hovering in the background, letting you know it’s there, and no matter how much you try to ignore it, it’s not going away.

And then it shouts its presence in the morning in the form of the harsh sound of the alarm clock.

Before I had children, Mondays were never a big deal. I worked as a registered nurse in a hospital, so a typical Monday to Friday, 9 – 5 working week was about as alien to me as, well, little green martians. But then the kids came along, and with them came a more routine Monday to Friday working week to fit in with their school days.

And suddenly, Mondays have become something to just…not…like. Almost everyone hates Mondays, and those who don’t are judged to be a little bit odd. Mondays are the socks of the ‘um, thanks’ gift world.

But are socks really that bad? Okay, so they’re not diamonds, or fancy electronics, or even a bouquet of flowers, but they do keep your feet toasty warm in the winter, and stop your shoes chafing the skin of your heels. And they go very well with coffee, a Monday morning staple.











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