Sunday Solitude

Sundays are my quiet days, and I relish the solitude. My eldest is away at college, hundreds of miles away in another state. My 19 year old is always either working or with his girlfriend, while my youngest son usually heads off to the movies with his dad. My two daughters spend the whole day at the barn, riding their horses, mucking out stalls, feeding and cleaning the other horses, and generally getting filthy dirty.

This means that I get to spend the day alone, and as much as I adore my children, I treasure the calm that fills the empty rooms in the house. The solitude isn’t lonely, it’s peaceful, a chance for me to be alone with my thoughts, and I typically spend the day drinking copious amounts of tea, and writing (at the moment, I’m half way through the final edit of the final book of the Reborn Trilogy.)

Of course, solitude is only comforting in short bursts, so by the evening I’m ready for the life and laughter that is my family to fill our home again.


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