Chinese New Year of the Rooster Boosts Creativity

Today is Chinese New Year, and 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar. In particular, it’s the year of the Fire Rooster, which is great news for all you creative people, as the fire element is synonymous with passion and creativity.

Unlike Western astrology, where birth signs last about a month, in Chinese astrology each birth sign lasts a full year, and no matter what your Chinese sign is, this year is full of opportunities for writers and authors, as long as you’re willing to work hard.

If you don’t know what your Chinese animal is, find your birth year on the chart and read on to see just how the Year of the Fire Rooster will impact your writing, creativity, and books.



2017 will increase your passion, inspiration and creativity. Couple this with your natural perseverance and hard work as a rooster, and you’ll reap the benefits


Take the gift of increased inspiration from the Fire Rooster, and try something new with your writing this year. Your natural instinct to help others will help you gain more readers in 2017


Your natural attributes make you a gentle person, but this year sees a boost in your passion for your work, so take advantage and get out there and promote, promote, promote


The Fire Rooster demands hard work, and in return rewards with success. People born under the sign of the rat are naturally self-aware, so apply this strength to your editing for success this year


You are naturally strong-willed, ambitious, and stubborn, so couple these attributes with the increased passion and creativity of the Fire Rooster to plan your next bestseller


Tigers are friendly and adventurous, so this is the year to hone your inspiration by trying something new


Rabbits are drawn to the arts and writing because of their instinctive tendencies towards creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. Take the boost in inspiration from the Fire Rooster to design a new book cover, or write your instincts down


You’re mysterious and imaginative, and will succeed most this year if you’re left alone to hone in on the increased creativity offered by the Fire Rooster


Snakes are blessed with wisdom, and an air of mystery. Take inspiration from these qualities to bring your characters to life with passion, sensuality, and empathy


People born under the sign of the horse are strong, energetic, and patient. If you’ve been considering a change in writing genre, the hard work demanded by the Fire Rooster makes this the perfect year to go for it


Polite, shy, imaginative and full of good taste, this year is the year to make your writing space peaceful, calm, and inspirational.


Put your playful curiosity to work this year  to gain inspiration for your writing in new places and with new people

恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財  

Happiness and prosperity! 


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