Inspirations – I am One

The last in my 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Inspirations series is me, because there’s only one of me. I think we are often so busy looking around us for inspiration that we sometimes forget to look inside us.

Like many people, I wear many hats; woman, mother, friend, nurse, writer, ex-wife, girlfriend, daughter…the list goes on. I collect angels and elephants (and hats, by the looks of things). I cry at sad movies and happy movies, and laugh at things that I shouldn’t laugh at, but can’t help it because they’re funny anyway. I hate bad manners and lies, and love chocolate and wine. I like to see the good in people, and am ridiculously blind to the bad.

I’m not even close to perfect, but who is? It’s our imperfections that make us perfectly human.


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