5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Inspirations – Four Horses

Following on from the Five Kids in my last blog of inspiration, this one involves my Four Horses. Actually, while technically speaking they are my horses, realistically they belong to my daughters, both of whom are crazy-avid horse girls. And while I love all four of them (from left to right, Desi, Destiny, Blaze and Dippy), truth be told, the only reason my girls are so into horses is because, for as long as I can remember, horses have scared me, and I didn’t want to pass that fear on to my kids.

So, how do these majestic creatures inspire me? Partly because I do have an irrational fear (something to do with the size of their heads!) There are times in the Reborn Trilogy when the characters have found themselves in some frightening situations, and I wanted to effectively express the fear they feel to the reader, and allow the reader to feel the physical and emotional effects that come from experiencing that fear.

But being around these horses, seeing how they care for their riders – my children – is also inspiring, because that mutual love and respect is instinctive, and the grace and strength with which they carry their riders is as natural as breathing. Nature at her very best.



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