It’s always sunny in Southern California

Stereotypes. It’s almost like they’re a rule just asking to be broken!

We all use them, whether to give our readers the opportunity to understand the characters or setting, or to add an extra element to the plot, such as humor or excitement.

Stereotypes are really nothing more than generalizations based somewhat in truth. When I was writing Reborn, I wanted to avoid the stereotypical angel, and deliberately incorporated some un-angelic qualities into the main characters, making sure not to detract from the fact that they still are angels.

The result, according to reviews and feedback, is a believable paranormal story, which is exactly what we want when we’re writing outside of normality.

As for Southern California, yes, we’re blessed with some really nice weather, but this winter has been pretty wild by anyone’s standards. So much so that, for the last ten days, I’ve taken a photo of the sky from my balcony at the same time every morning. The result is the lead picture in this blog, with three heavy storms bringing a deluge of much needed rain to our parched state, and the torrential, sleety storm of today (below).



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