Moon Halos

Last night I sat out on my balcony, taking advantage of the brief break in the incessant, albeit much needed, rainstorms that have hit Southern California over the last couple of weeks.

I only had my cell phone on me, but couldn’t resist snapping the incredibly beautiful halo around the moon. Lunar halos are caused by light refracting and reflecting off ice crystals in the atmosphere, and because moonlight isn’t very bright, it’s unusual to see any color in them. Last night’s moon was bright though, so if you look closely, you’ll see the red inner halo and blue outer halo in this picture.

Lunar halos are normally indicative of stormy weather, and it’s said that the number of stars you can count between the moon and the halo is the number of days before the rain hits. There aren’t any stars in this one, and the rain was pouring over SoCal again within an hour of this picture being taken!

What’s pretty cool about moon halos, is they’re completely unique to the individual who’s looking at them because how you see the halo depends on how your eyes see the ice crystals.

Might have to add some moon halos to the next novel in the Reborn Trilogy – seems like even Mother Nature likes her angels!


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